Reviews of Taylor et al. (2008):
"Taxonomical, Nomenclatural, and Biogeographical
Revelations in the Zamia skinneri Complex"

What an amazing piece of research! The article is so complete and definitely demonstrates the amount of work and time that went into generating the publication. All of the authors must be quite proud of the article. I hope it sets a benchmark for future species clarification articles. (TW)

I finally got to sit down and read all of it. That is some great work! … It was much needed work on a complex that had much confusion. You thoroughly covered the history and uncovered and explained the confusion of the complex. I can see why there was so much confusion for so long. I thought there may be 2 or 3 species in that complex, but I agree with the at least 5. … I especially like your attention to the growing conditions of each. (CG)

I read the entire paper with enthusiasm immediately after receiving it, and I now realize as I look it over again what a comprehensive treatment this is. The illustrations, tables and photos are really great. It is my belief that this paper has set a new standard for taxonomic papers of this type. I am about ready to read it again. (LR)

The color photos and map are very helpful. Despite color becoming more prevalent in scientific journals, it’s a pleasure to see such appropriate use. The paper speaks well of the journal’s willingness to publish high-quality natural history unaccompanied by accoutrements from the lab (which will very likely follow). (DM)

It’s an excellent piece of work and the amount of research that must have gone into it is really impressive. It's also an enjoyable read and the photos and location map are invaluable for anyone who enjoys trying to piece together the “foot steps” of cycads as they made their march through time. This looks like several years of work on the part of the authors, and it was definitely time well spent. (RB)

Dr. Klaus Winter, a world-renowned plant physiologist with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama, who also knows his zamias, and many colleagues at the University of Panama have read the article and all have emitted high praise. (Dr. Alberto Taylor)

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